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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

7 Things Only Fit Girls Understand | Women Exercise

Fit girls, we have problems. Problems that no one else will understand unless they work out. So...here's a tribute to all y'all who can't decide whether to wash your hair or not, to all y'all who pee constantly, and to all y'all who hate sitting on the toilet after leg day. Yup. I feel ya.

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Abs, Butt and Thighs | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD (Full 30 minute workout)

Yay guys! Here's another free POP Pilates DVD workout for you - a full 30 minutes long! This "Abs, Butt, and Thighs" workout from my Hot Body Express DVD will tone your legs, lift your butt, and flatten your abs without using any equipment! You can do the exercises at home or from anywhere. Enjoy the workout!

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5 Minute Fat Burning Workout - AB BONUS | Women Exercise

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How to Squat Without Knee Pain | Women Exercise

Squats are a great exercise for your legs and butt but many people experience knee pain while doing them. In this video I want to share a few tips on how to not experience knee pain or at least greatly reduce it. If your form is correct and you follow these tips correctly and you still get knee pain them you may have an injury requiring a doctors help.
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5 Best Squat Exercises for Women HOME WORKOUT | Women Exercise

These 5 best squat exercises for women will help you get a great workout for legs and gluts. This is the best squats workout because it includes 5 of the best squat exercises for hitting every angle of your thighs and booty. We like doing a squat workout for women exercise because squat variations help you build strength in the entire lower body.

Here are the 5 best squat exercises:

1) Low Back Front Squat
2) Angled Squats
3) Staggered Squat
4) One Leg Touchdown
5) Two Foot One Iso-hold
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Total Body HIIT Workout

This total body HIIT workout will help you sculpt every inch of your body! This is a weighted HIIT workout for women that you can do at the gym which will help with sculpting, toning, and fat burning. 

Most of our HIIT workout videos feature bodyweight exercises only, but in this one you’ll use dumbbells to switch up your high intensity interval training and challenge your body.

This total body workout contains six exercises. You’ll do each move for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Shoot for 3 to 4 rounds of this HIIT workout, and you’ll be on your way to toned and sculpted muscles and accelerated weight loss.

Here are the exercises in this HIIT strength workout:

1) Weighted Step Up with Kickback – This HIIT cardio move will get your heart rate up and sculpt the legs.

2) Plank Walk With Front Raise and Fly (right arm) – Super challenging for the abs, obliques and shoulders.

3) Plank Walk With Front Raise and Fly (left arm) – Same move on the other side.

4) Romanian Deadlift – Great move for thighs and glutes

5) Curl and Press – Works both biceps and shoulders

6) Toe Taps – Great cardio exercise to boost heart rate before the next round

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Fat Burning Abs Workout | ROLLBACKS WITH FUN

This fat burning abs workout has 4 rollback exercises that are lots of fun! You’ll work abs and obliques, chest, shoulders, thighs and get a bodyweight cardio workout all at the same time. This fun workout incorporates rollbacks into abs exercises as well as pushups and jumps.

This abs and cardio workout will help you burn fat and tighten up the core. Try for 10-12 reps and 3 sets of each of these fat burning abs exercises. Here are the core exercises that make up this fun workout:

1) Rollback to Pushup – Rollbacks make for a great core workout, and this move also hits the chest

2) Rollback With Toe Touch to Pushup – Combine this great ab exercise with a pushup to challenge the chest, and toe touch further hits the abs

3) Rollback to Side Plank, Kick Out, Pushup – Great move for the obliques and abs

4) Rollback to Explosive Jump – An awesome cardio and abs exercise
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Intense Full Body Workout Routine | OFF THE WALL Exercises

This intense full body workout routine is off the wall! This wall workout contains four total body exercises to sculpt and tone abs, chest, glutes, back, arms and legs. Do 12 repetitions and 3 sets of all of the exercises for an intense total body workout. The only equipment you need is a wall and a medicine ball or other weighted object.

Here are the exercises in this full body workout routine:

1) Wall Walk Up to Walkout To Pushup – This total body exercise works arms, shoulders, chest and core stability.

2) Plank Push With Medicine Ball – This tough move for the abdominals challenges your balance and allows you to use some resistance while working the abs.

3) Wall Slide – Great exercise to tone the hips and thighs. Use a medicine ball or hold dumbbells at your sides.

4) Wall Jump Touch – This cardio move will raise your heart rate and boost fat burning potential.

Hope you enjoy this full body workout routine. Doing a total body conditioning workout a few times per week will help you tone up and burn fat. For more routines for the whole body, check out the Athlean-XX for Women 90 day program. 

If you're interested in all the best tips and exercises to strengthen and tone every muscle group in your body, head over to www.athleanxxforwomen.com to get your Athlean-XX for Women fitness and nutrition program today. Get a sexy chest lift, not to mention amazing abs, back, shoulders, arms and legs in just 90 days!

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