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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pullups and Pushups | NOT Just for Guys Anymore | Women's Workout Tips

Most women find exercises like pullups and pushups to be intimidating because of the great amount of strength that is required to perform themimage in their workout. No need to fear them anymore! With these two instant tips, ladies you can start doing pullups and pushups much more easily, allowing you to get stronger leaner backs and toned arms much more quickly.
The pullup is a difficult bodyweight exercise as is the pushup. Many women are forced to forgo these because of this. In fact, women even have their own version of the pushup to do called a "girl pushup" in which they are done from the knees! While these are an acceptable substitution it's not the BEST way to developed lean, toned muscular arms if you're a woman. Instead, with the workout tips displayed here you can start working your way up to doing the full pushups and pullups.

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15 Minute Beach Workout | Women's Fitness

Hello, my name is Maria Mizzi from Beach Physique Fitness and today I am going to show you a 15 minute workout that you can do right on the beaimagech that includes strength training and cardio. So let us get started. To begin, we are going to start with a squat-jack. So you want to start with your feet about hip width apart, come down into a seated position, bring your hands to the side, and jump up to the top. Pressing the feet down, lifting up to the top, keeping the core engaged, ready to go. You want to focus on doing about 10 to 20 of those repetitions and then we will move on to the next exercise. Next we are going to focus on reverse lunges, working strength training for the legs. Going to turn to the side here so you can see how it works. With the lunge, we are going for a reverse lunge. you are going to start by bringing your left leg back, stepping down into a lunge position, making sure that knee is behind the toe, bringing that left knee down toward the floor, stepping up, bringing those feet together, slowly coming down, keeping the abs engaged, standing up nice and tall. Focusing here on this side for about 20 repetitions.
Turning around, going to the opposite side, doing the same exercise for that leg, lifting up slowly, back down, keeping that knee behind the toe, abs engaged, 20 repetitions on this side. Next we are going to move right into an upper body exercise, so we are going to come down onto the mat. And you want to come all the way down to the mat first so you can line up your hands. Going to come down slowly, lining up your hands with your chest and then lifting yourself up, engaging your abdominal muscles, pressing up into a nice straight line, then taking a deep breath in, leading with the chest, heading down toward the mat, pressing that up. You can also do this in a modified position, by bringing those knees to the floor, still maintaining that tight core and long spine. Coming down slowly, exhale and lift up, pressing that up all the way. Try to bend down, lift those elbows, bringing them to that 90 degree angle and then pressing back up. You want to perform about 10 to 20 of these repetitions before moving on to the next exercise.

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Exercises You Can Do in the Office | Women's Fitness

Hello, my name is Maria Mizzi with Beach Physique Fitness, and today I am going to share with you some exercises that you could do in your office. So, if you have some room in your office, and you have an ability to stand up and get a few stretches in, a great way to get some stretches in after sittingimage all day is just moving those legs towards the side. You want to bring one leg out, stretching those legs out after sitting there all day, standing up again and then moving towards that opposite side. Stretching that entire leg, stretching through those hip flexors, and just moving back and forth toward each side of those legs, stretching those legs out. Then bringing yourself together, you could lean forward. You want to tighten those abs, and then just slowly keep the back nice and straight, looking forward, leaning down towards the floor, stretching out the lower back and then slowly bringing yourself up. So, going down to the floor, you can almost drag your arms down with the legs, and then lifting up through the heels. That is how we can stretch the lower back, which we tend to squish while we are sitting at our desk all day.
Once you get a few exercises for the legs, you can bring your arms up, bending them at a 90 degree angle, bringing those forearms together, and then stretching them back out. Get a nice stretch through the upper body, where we are sitting at the desk and we are leaning forward, and we are getting that little bit of hunch back, this is going to bring that upper body back up and keep those shoulders up and back. So, one of the first things you want to think about is your posture after sitting at your desk. You want to make sure you are sitting up nice and tall, extending that spine. One way to do that is engage those abdominal muscles and then bring those shoulders back, and just sitting up nice and tall, keeping those abs tight. Try to do that as long as you can, maybe even all day.

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Exercises You Can Do on an Airplane | Women's Fitness

Hello, my name is Marie Mazzi with Beach Physique Fitness and today I am going to show you some exercise that can be done right on the airplane. imageIf you are stuck on an airplane for hours on end, maybe traveling to Europe, traveling to the States, you need to do some stretches. Once we get off that plane, how many times do we feel exhausted and we need a little bit more energy. The right way to get some energy, is go through some stretches while you are sitting on the plane. So we know that there is not a lot of room on that seat that we are sitting in, but we still have that room to get some stretches. The first thing you want to bring your posture up nice and tall, realign that spine. We typically tend to fall into that seat. So you want to sit up a little bit taller and stretch that whole spine and take a few deep breaths in and good exhales. And now you are a little bit taller than you were before, after we sink into that seat of sitting in there for hours.

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Weight loss programs for women that are more than than diets or exercise

Meet Briton from the new well Paradise Valley. Briton has brought her fitness background to the new well to help empower women to achieve lasting weight loss.image

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Circus Exercises | Tabletop - Women's Fitness

Tabletop Exercise - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats.
Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am going to demonstrate an exercise that we like to call tabletop. What you are going to try to do is, you want to tryimage to keep. You get something solid like a clipboard or a book or a platter, and you want to take a glass or a bottled water, and you want to try to not let the clipboard or whatever you have tilt forward, backward or side to side. You want to try to keep it as flat as you can.
You put it on your shins, and you slowly lower one vertebrate down at a time to there and then you pull back up. So you try...it is going to wobble a little bit but, try to have as little wobbling as you can. Bring your chest to your legs and your legs to your chest at the same time. And that is what we call tabletops.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best ab exercise for women over 50

Best ab exercise for women over 50 Get The Best Abs and Body Training program with latest Workouts, meal plans + lots more to Give you the resultimages that you deserve and Keep you motivated. See more at Link in Video
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Hip Hop Workout | Womens Fitness | Hip Hop Exercise Routine

Hello, my name is Sherema Fleming and I am the founder and executive director at Cultured Movement. This dance move is a great arm and leg workout, mainly our quadriceps. We are going to start with our right foot out, our arms are going to engage in a circular motion, same arm, same leg. So, we are goiimageng to make a circular motion, one, two. We are going to then step again with our left leg, left arm is going to engage in a circular motion, as well, three, four. So, our entire move is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
This next dance move is a great workout for our glutes and our hamstrings. We are going to start with our right leg out, arms are going to rest on our right knee, and our back leg is going to kick out for two counts, one, two. We're going to then stoop down and switch to the opposite side, three, four, same movement, five, six, making sure that our hamstrings and our glutes are engaged. The entire move is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
The isolation of body rolls provide for a great core workout. We are going to start with our feet shoulder width apart, we are going to engage our neck, chest, and torso, making sure to keep the abs tight. So, it is one, two. For our third move, use your leg to engage your torso, three, four, opposite side, five, six, seven, eight. The entire count is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
This dance move is a great calf workout, as well as a low impact neck workout. We are going to start with our right toe down, which will bring our right knee out, and then we are going to alternate our legs, right, left, right, left. As we are alternating, our neck is going to go into the opposite direction. So, right leg up, neck goes to the left. The entire move is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
This dance move is a great core workout in that when our legs come up, we are engaging our abdominal muscles. We are going to turn at a corner, to our left side, our right leg is going to come up twice, one, two. When this leg comes down, we are going to switch opposite side, at a corner to our right, left leg comes up twice, three, four. The entire count is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
This dance move works our inner thighs, as well as gives us a core balance strengthening pose. We are going to start standing straight up with a squat down, engaging our arms straight out. We are going to open to work our inner thighs. As you open, our arms are going to go back, close, and then back up. So, basically it is down, engage the arms, open inner thighs, close and back up. So, it is a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
At Cultured Movement, our emphasis is on diversity. This Reggae inspired dance move is a perfect move to workout your legs, arms, and your abs, as you engage them in a body roll. The first move, we are going to step out with our right leg, arm comes up, one. As the arm comes up and our leg comes back in, we engage our abs in a body roll to bring it back in. The same thing on the opposite side, left leg, right arm, engage in a body roll and back in. The eight count looks like, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

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